Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now has very experimental, surreal qualities that have made the film so successful and original interpretation. He used the film instruments such as sound, lighting, to create a hallucinogenic  psychedelic sphere.

The final sequence of this film is experimental, and highly absorbing piece. The film leading up to this point is similarly constructed with heavy considerations of time and space with surreal sounds. It would be interesting to produce a piece of this style with considerations of time, colour and light.  Furthermore, the emotional journey of humanity is very important in order to create meaning in this  sequence.

Guy Bourdin (December 2, 1928 in Paris – March 29, 1991 in Paris) was one of the best known photographers of fashion and advertising of the second half of the 20th century. He shared Helmut Newton’s taste for controversy and stylization, but Bourdin’s formal daring and the narrative power of his images exceeded the bounds of conventional advertising photography. Shattering expectations and questioning boundaries, he set the stage for a new kind of fashion photography.

Guy Bourdin was a short man with a whiny voice, and had a reputation of being incredibly demanding. Dark rumours surrounded him: his mother abandoning him as an infant, the suicides of his wife and two of his girlfriends, and the cruelty in which he treated his models.[5] Bourdin was not a natural self-promoter, and did not collect his work or make any attempt to preserve them; in fact he refused several offers of exhibitions, rejected ideas for books, and wanted his work destroyed after his death

  • This film uses effective effects and sound, though i feel that some of the clips distract from the tension created.

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  • this film uses a good soundtrack to establish the feeling of time and loneliness. It was shot using a Nikon still camera with video capability.
  • Bergman is well respected for being an auteur of styles of experimentation.
  • Lux online is a good resource for experimental films.