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These are clips from various documentaries that I believe are important in questioning media, politics, and culture. I don’t necessarily agree with them completely, though i do believe they make important points.

Oh Dearism

  • radicals wanted to transcend the corruption of ineffective politics. to help the people politicians didn’t seem to. e.g Live AID 1985
  • There are those who argue Live aid money went to support a corrupt governments brutal regime and prolong the war. Killing as many as it saved.
  • News media needs a simple philosophy to cohere all issues. In the 90’s innocent vs corrupt. This value was destroyed in Africa, where Live Aid helped the needed Hutus, who then slaughtered the Tutsi.  The Tutsi’s repelled back creating a a terrible civil war. Innocence vs corruption had merged.
  • The news philosophy was changed, to an ideology of helplessness, as we watch mindless cruel actions we cannot understand. Oh dear.

Chomsky – Manufacturing Consent

East Timor invasion by Indonesian army. 1972 – 78.

  • UN wanted to place sanctions on the Timor crisis to attempt to support the people who were being effectively cleansed. The US refused cooperation.
  • This is because the US/ UK was supplying arms for the invasion.
  • Timor is vast in untouched natural resources the people didn’t use, the people were reportedly a simple, well civilised society.
  • News media has been found to censor these events. in 1978, US media reported none of the events. The Cambodian issue was portrayed instead, though the devastation, and genocide was in equal proportions.
  • in Cambodia, US apparently killed 500.000 people by supporting local armies, or by American bombing, though caused over a million deaths by leaving the reck of the country.
  • Then the media coverage began when the local Cambodians took over with a devastated country, Western media announced a genocide by Government they helped create.
  • False staged photographs showing slaughter, false statistics, false journalism, “enough to make Stalin cringe.”

Adam Cutis – the trap

  • Liberation – a fundamental primary concern throughout history, and political campaign, for every person, UK or abroad from effects the ruling of class, prejudices and tyranny.
  • Foreign policy to ‘free’ those by the use of democracy only created mayhem and anti-democractic groups, such as anti-authortian islamism.
  • The invasion and devastation caused by installing democracy abroad, has caused ‘terror’ attacks in UK and US,  needing new laws to permit invasion of privacy needed to stop the terrorists. These new laws ended old ones, which were originally created to secure, our liberty.
  • What we have today is a strange paradoxical view of Freedom, born out of the era of the cold war, where suspicion of each other, nations, needs us to be vigilant, adjudicated, monitored through targets, creating a system which is designed for freedom, yet takes it away. trapping us in a narrow vision.
  • Is America a leading terrorist state, exemplified by Afghanistan?
  • Bush and British Army General publically stated to the Afghanistan’s that they will continue to bomb them until they change their leadership.
  • The difference between the leaders of Osama and Bin Laden are that the West call themselves Anti-terrorism, if they do it its terrorism.
  • There is condemnation against countries like Pakistan, who have been terrorised for 35 years as an excuse to inflict terror. So why isn’t it the same for criticising Israel.
  • One of the methods  to irradiate corrupt Governments is to support internalised political parties of that country.  On the contrary, Western Governments initilaise and often support corrupt regimes before they become unfavourable. This is a good way to prevent terrorism.
  • Could the ‘just causes’ be compared to Nazism, who stated that their actions were ‘just causes’.
  • Choosing between Republican’s and Democrats are two factions of the same party.
  • We don’t live in a democratic society, and it is not intended to be.
  • We live in a polyarchy, coined by Prof Robert Dahl. A Polyarchy suggests power resides in the hands of the few, where the rest are fragmented and distracted.
  • Voting is a choice of qualities not issues, politicians make it very difficult to recognise what they actually believe in.
  • New forms of communication have enabled us to participate in creating a democracy, even though it is attempted to be pushed away and heavily monitored, the opportunity exists.
  • Freud suggests we all have repressions, anxieties that must be controlled in order to remain civilised.
  • Freud’s nephew Edward Burnaise, is just as important as his uncle in the effect he had on peoples lives.
  • Burnaise used Freud’s theories to help manipulate and control the masses.
  • He taught the corporations that he could sell things the people didn’t need, linking mass-produced goods, to unconscious desires. By pleasing people’s selfish sub-conscious desires, people became docile, the all consuming self.
  • Freud produced a method to examine these repressions by dream analysing and free association.
  • Freud says that The First World War was to be expected as it relates to our repressive desires.
  • After Watergate, journalists endeavoured to expose corruption at the highest levels. Reveal the truth which those in power wished to hide.
  • After the collapse of the Berlin Wall and that of the Cold War, the clear right or wrong was blurred.
  • Therefore, Journalists couldn’t comprehend finding out ‘Why’ yet there concern was and is about the reaction.
  • The presentation of interactive news media could be seen as an open democratic device, yet because the journalists don’t understand the world post Cold War, they can only ask us for an opinion that translates as fact. The era of instant news creates a journalist that doesn’t have any investigative skills or knowledge. We are presented a world without reason, just experience and reaction.

This snapshot film was filmed on a still photography camera with HD video capability.

  • The cold War was an example how suspicion and self interest could create stability. This theory was created by John Nash, who applied this to society.
  • Nash was portrayed in the film as a tortured genius, instead, he was difficult and created spiteful games.
  • ‘Fuck You Buddy’ is one game, where the only way to win in to be ruthless to your competitor. He won the noble prize for formulating suspicion doesn’t lead to chaos. and that a balance was created.
  • the players must always be selfish or the system doesn’t work. The famous game of the prisoner’s dilemma, who you can not trust, so it is better to chance at getting more than losing all.
  • this is a representation of modern society, where self-interest balances with the other for stability, yet we will always be distrustful, and suspicious.
  • Although Nash was a schizophrenic , he laid down a model to understand human interaction like never before.

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