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If you were to take the premise of documentary,  astrology and genocide, you would be justified in finding a relation.  It could be said that some of the themes are at times strenuous, the body of the story is substantially valid.  The story is set in the south American desert of Chille, where there the zero humidity allows Science to view space uniquely, further, the petrified ground allows archaeologists to discover ancient history.  The void and conflict of the desert concerns the recent hidden history of Pinochet’s genocide, where countless civilians of opposition where tortured and killed.  The surviving members of lost families can be found wondering the vast plains, searching for remains of their loved ones that have been preserved, the same as the telescopes searching space for the history of light that eventually visits earth.

Technically, the documentary has redundancies such as interviewee’s changing postions which disrupts the consistency, in addition, some of the scenes are filmed in a faster rate of 30 frames per second, which i found distracting and not cinematic compared the the rest of the film.  These technical issues are almost irrelevant with the astounding moving imagery of space, which seems to harness the latest technology, in an symphony of sounds, movement.  The opening consists of these only, leaving humanity and dialogue alone until needed.  The interviews were almost existentialist, simply filming the people waiting, with their voice over attempting to tell us the reason of everything personal, recent, ancient, imaginary.

One of the most significant aspects of the documentary concerns the abstract feeling of time, which has no definition.  Space disrupts the travel of light of it history, just as the earth petrifies the ancient and recent secretly.  Therefore light, can only be nostalgic, an apt title for a well conceived body of work.


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